Busy But Entertained – Learning Every Step of the Way!

Hello everybody! This weeks challenge was to write a “jingle” type song for kids. It kept me busy but entertained! This week I took on 4 songs, which was really fun. The first song was a song about hats, and it was called “wear anything.” It was written by Gordon Gow. I really enjoyed singing it, and the lyrics and melody were great! I did it in a few takes. Gordon gave me great advice on how to sing the song, which really helped a lot! He also gave me 3 keys to choose from, which was good because it gave me a few options on how to sing it! Thanks Gordon for such a great song this week! https://soundcloud.com/gordon-gow-1/sac-challenge-week-3-wear-anything-mh-vox/s-jcpZO The next song I sang was called “Pink Balloon” by Lynn Tessari. I really enjoyed singing this, because it was catchy and I liked the groove, and the way it flowed. I found myself almost “dancing” to it when I recored it! It was a clever song that was fun to sing, and right off the bat I knew I liked it. The key was great for my voice! Thank you Lynn for another great song! https://lynnmarietessarimusic.wordpress.com/2015/03/02/song-jeopardy-week-3-of-sac-challenge/ Third, I sang a song called “Nigh Light” by Michael Proudfoot. This song had great lyrics and a good melody. It took a few tries to get it right, but by Sunday we got it! I really enjoyed singing this song! Thanks Michael for this awesome song. https://uponblocks.wordpress.com/ Finally, I worked on a song with Paul Tarvydas and Emm Gryner called Galaxy. This was a great song that I loved singing! They worked on the words and I tackled the melody. It was a cool little song, and we ended up speeding it up to make it a minute long. I tried to create a catchy melody and I liked the lyrics. I know if I had a phone and lost it, my reaction would be similar… hoping and praying someone would call me! The song had a cool story to it, and it was awesome to work with/on! Special thanks to: Paul and Emm, Gordon, Lynn and Michael Mikalyn 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/mhay67/galaxy-original-song-for-week-3-sac-challenge

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