Country Week – Yikes

I love country music, it puts me such a great place when I listen to it – the problem i have is that I just dont get a chance to listen to it much.  Its not high on the listening preferences of my young family and growing up as a 80’s new wave mixed with classic rock did not really give me much exposure.  Its only through studying songwriting that I realize how much attention is focused on this genre.  The deeper I look the more I respect it.  That said – Mikalyn and I are newbies.  I have to admit I found this week challenging – mostly because Mikalyn has been whomped with a wicked head cold and has had zero energy to do much of anything – much less listen to her dad try to convince her that “when the going gets tough the tough get going”.  I was mostly on my own this week – but desperately Monday after trying my best to lay down a melody I begged Mikalyn to rescue my vocals from misery.    She valiantly stepped up to the plate and gave the song her twist – head cold to boot. I am proud of that pup of mine.  She is the talent of our duo for sure.  I am very grateful for the challenge for pushing us to meet new people, extend ourselves mentally and artistically and most of all – finish what we start.   Thanks Paul Tarvydas once again for assisting us with lryrics.  James and Debra – you guys are saints for moderating all of us and providing us with wisdom and insight!  Best regards all.

Michael and Miklayn

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Working hard to keep the balance, continuing to be the best father, husband, friend, athlete, and coach I can be.

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