It’s Coming

This week was a real challenge in that we had to write for a TV show that had a certain song in mind.  The song we had to write a replacement for was called To Be Alone by Hozier – which is an amazing song.  Very subverse and deals with rape culture.  The Week 5 team of Paul Tarvydas, Lynn Tessari and my dad worked to create a lyric that captured this story.  I read up on Lizzie Borden and of course listened to Hoziers song – James Linderman had a helpful video mid week on how to create the back track for the song which we incorporated – thanks James.   I then sat down on Saturday and sang the lyric a few times to come up with the melody I wanted.  Sunday we recorded it and then sent to Lynn and Paul for their thougths and thats when Lynn decided to add strings (which is kind of funny cause she is drummer) which really brought parts of the song to life.  The song is about never ever accepting that abuse of any kind is tolerable and that the tormenters will be brought to justice in the end.   This was a interesting song to create and thanks Jordan for the challenge.  Hoziers song is a hard one to replace – hope we did it justice.

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